I wonder what you’re doing now,

You seem so far away,

Although we’ve been apart before

This feels the longest day!


Your shoes were good and shiny,

Your blazer freshly pressed,

Your shirt and tie so very crisp,

You surely looked the best!


I held your hand, you let me go,

You stood up tall in line,

I felt so very very proud,

That little girl is mine!


You walked on in, you led the way,

You never once looked back,

I held my tears until you’d gone,

I’m sure I’ll get the knack!


Your wings now spread a little more,

Your confidence has grown.

For now you have another life,

Away from me you’ve flown!


I’ll still be here to pick you up,

To help you tie your shoes.

This life for you has just begun,

Enjoy, you cannot lose!