Today you walked along your path, climbed up another step.

Today you opened up a door, a day I’ll not forget.


You dressed yourself in uniform, I helped you with your tie,

You buttoned up your blazer as I turned to dry my eye.


Your smiling face gave me a strength I thought I’d never find,

Your beaming smile filled up my heart, bursting full of so much pride.


You led us through the playground, so sure of where to go,

You stood and waited happily, this so right for you, I know.


So hard it was to let you go, to join another world,

So hard for me to watch you grow into another child.


Stood in line, so confident, you smiled, your head held high,

Stood in line so patiently waiting to reach up for the sky.


Your class all looked so nervous but not you, you lit the way,

Your class unsure of where to go, you sat down straight away.


So lucky they all are to have your sunshine light their world,

So lucky they all are to have my precious rainbow child.


And now it’s time for you to go wherever your path may lead,

And now it’s time for me to wait, to guide you should you need…